Thomas Fahy
Thomas Fahy was born in 1939 in Washington, D.C. but grew up in his father’s home-town of Rome, GA. He had an excellent Catholic education from both his teachers and his family. He is a former Air Force officer and married Katherine Mehrtens of New Orleans in 1962 while in the military. Their daughter, Evelyn, arrived on earth in 1965. After military life, Mr. Fahy earned a MBA from the University of Maryland and was employed by Standard Oil Company in New York, where he very soon had a spiritual experience that redirected his life that, with great love for the Virgin Mary, became focused upon the Glory of God and the salvation and sanctification of souls in the context of the signs of the our times…read more

Kathy Fahy
Katherine was born in New Orleans in August of 1938. She grew up with four sisters, and a little brother arrived when she was twenty-three. She worked as a secretary for Standard Fruit and Steamship Company and later for Dictaphone Corporation. In 1960, she met Thomas Fahy in a Spanish class at night school at Tulane University. They married in 1962 at Incarnate Word Catholic Church in New Orleans. Her uncle, Fr. Elmer Toups, CSsR, presided at the wedding Mass. Katherine became the mother of Evelyn Marie Fahy in 1965….read more

Ann Ellison
Accomplishments in making known the life, mission, and spiritual doctrine of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta: Ann has been a major, recognized promoter of the English language editions of Luisa’s writings. She has contributed to many Conferences on the Reign of the Divine Will in souls, has attended a special retreat for Priests on Luisa’s doctrine (the only female there), has given lectures on Luisa’s doctrine in Europe, and has been well read and trained in the spiritual doctrine of Luisa Piccarreta. Mrs. Ellison is invariably well received because of ‘speaking from her heart.’ Ann has been involved in the studying of Luisa’s doctrine for over 17 years. …read more

Hugh Owen
Hugh Owen lives in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with his wife Maria Mitchell Owen, with whom he has had nine children and nine grandchildren. Hugh was educated at Princeton University, New York University, and Bank Street College of Education in New York City and holds a B.A. in History and an M.S. in Education in Supervision and Administration, as well as a permanent license to serve as a K-12 Principal or Superintendent of Schools in the State of New York. Hugh currently serves as the Director of the John Paul II Institute of Christian Spirituality, which studies and makes known the lives and writings of modern saints of the Catholic Church who received profound insights into the interior life of Our Lord and the Blessed Mother…read more


Jerry Lawson
Jerry was born in a small town in West Virginia. His family moved to Florida when he was in junior high school. He completed his education in Jacksonville and lived there off and on for most of his life. He worked as a loan officer and a real estate professional for many years before his retirement….read more

Gail Lawson
Gail Lawson was born and raised on the coast of Mississippi. She attended and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1979 with a BS in Advertising. Upon graduation, she worked for a local television station and later for a small advertising agency. She married Jerry Lawson in 1986 and gave birth to their daughter, Erin, in 1992…read more