Who Is Luisa?

Jesus to Luisa: “Your mission is great, because we are not talking about one’s
own personal holiness, but about embracing everything and everyone and
about preparing the Kingdom of my Will for all human generations.”

Date and Place of Birth
She was born in Corato, Italy, in the province of Bari on the morning of April 23, 1865, and was baptized that afternoon.

Date and Place of Death
She died in Corato on March 4, 1947, just 50 days before her 82nd birthday.

Place of Residence
She always lived in Corato, with the exception that as a little girl and adolescent she passed long periods of time on the farm called the “Desperate Tower,” the family’s employer’s summertime sheep pasture, 27 kilometers from Corato.

State of Life
She never married and, a virgin, offered herself to Jesus as His crucified spouse. She was not a nun, but she was “the true little nun of His Heart.” She was bedridden for about 70 years of her life.

At the age of 16 she made her profession to Jesus as His victim. She also made lace (tombolli) to support herself.

As a child, Luisa was bashful and afraid but also lively and happy. She jumped and ran and (she says) was even mischievous.

Stature, Hair, Eyes
She was always serene and “fresh as an Easter Lily, small in stature and had large, vivid and soulfully penetrating eyes with her head leaning slightly towards the right,” states Monsignor D. Luigi D’Oria, Head of the Clergy at Corato, and authoritative witness.

Not long after meeting Luisa, Saint Hannibal M. Di Francia, a Priest, writes of her: “Although she does not possess any human science, she is abundantly gifted with an entirely heavenly wisdom, and with the science of the Saints. The way she speaks gives light and consolation. By nature, she doesn’t lack ingenuity. The studying she did when she was little amounted only to a first grade education.”